Handling Twitter

“An app intended to help cope with harassers and abusers on Twitter. When you sign up for Block Together, you can view a list of your own blocks. You can also use the auto-block and block sharing options listed below.”

2-Factor Auth tools

  • Duo Mobile is a great, easy to use authenticator app with mobile clients.

Privacy Resources


Zoe Quinn, `What To Expect When You’re Expecting (the internet to ruin your life

“It’s better to have it and not need it than not have it and need it. If you end up needing to take it to the authorities, they’re gonna wanna see this stuff, and the more you have the better.” [ZQ1]


“Save everything: One of the first impulses many harassment victims have is to just delete any communications they’ve received, and that’s a bad idea. It’s important to save absolutely every communication you have with the harasser - email, chat logs, ICQ histories, anything. If the harasser has created a web site about you, save copies of it to your local system and have someone you trust who would testify in court for you if necessary to do the same. If you receive any phone calls from the harasser, have them traced immediately (your local phone company can tell you how to do that). If you receive any kind of postal mail or other offline communications, save them (with envelopes, boxes, etc.). Do not destroy any evidence - and do not handle it more than absolutely necessary or permit anyone else to do so. Immediately turn the evidence over to the police. Place envelopes, letters, etc. in plastic bags to protect any possible fingerprints.” [WHO1]

Password Generators

  • 1Password - Mac, iOS , Windows, Android password manager and generator. Can generate and store randomized passwords for most any website, iTunes account, email account, and many others.
  • (others?)


[ZQ1]Zoe Quinn, What To Expect When You’re Expecting (the internet to ruin your life)
[WHO1]Working to Halt Online Abuse